Events, meetings and occasions

When and where to get involved

Member's Meetings

These are shown in our Members' Section. We hold regular meetings for our members with guest speakers, or sometimes during the summer we enjoy an evening in one of our buses.  Meetings generally take place on the second Saturday of each month, at present by Zoom conference call in the light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Events Attending

These are normally shown below, including whether we are providing free rides.  However, in 2020 most vintage vehicle events during the summer have been cancelled together with some later in the year, due to the outbreak of coronavirus.  More information will be given when the situation changes.    



OCT 2020

London Bus Museum Transportfest: Sunday 18th October

A King Alfred vehicle was planned to be on display at Brooklands Museum for their spring event.  Regrettably due to the outbreak of coronavirus the event was cancelled, as was another in June.  However, the London Bus Museum have announced they plan to proceed with Transportfest this autumn and it is intended at least one King Alfred vehicle will attend.