Our Fleet

Buses and coaches in our collection-

Before the Second World War,, buses and coaches in the King Alfred fleet were always referred to by a name consisting of their type and a number, thus 'Dennis 6' or 'Victor 2', seen below.

From 1945 this system started to fall out of use and was replaced by referring to the vehicles by the numbers on their registration plates. At first, these were just whatever was allocated by the Hampshire County Council licensing office, but this changed after 1949 when John Sincock, latterly Traffic Manager, joined the company.

When a new bus or coach was delivered, John would go to the licensing office and negotiate for the numbers that would suit the creation of little batches of numbers.

For example, Leyland Olympic 708 (JAA 708) was joined by JAA 705-707 (all Leyland Titans).

In this way, duplication was avoided and numbers were kept, more or less, together.

104 - Leyland Tiger Cub

WCG 104 is our Weymann bodied 1959 Leyland Tiger Cub
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326 - Bedford SB3

326 CAA is a very rare coach indeed, built in 1961. Her mighty petrol engine helps on hills!
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417 - Leyland Panther

One of two preserved, UOU 417H is a 1970 Leyland Panther
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419 - Leyland Panther

The second of two preserved, UOU 419H is a 1970 Leyland Panther
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494 - Leyland Titan

POU 494 is a 1956 East Lancs Leyland Titan PD2
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543 - Bedford CA

BHO 543C is a Martin Walter bodied minibus from 1965.
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590 - Leyland Atlantean

One of two preserved, HOR 590E is our open top Leyland Atlantean, built in 1967
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592 - Leyland Atlantean

he second of two preserved, HOR 592E is our closed top Leyland Atlantean, built in 1967
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595 - AEC Renown

One of two preserved, 595 LCG is a Park Royal bodied AEC Renown built in 1964
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596 - AEC Renown

The second of two preserved, 596 LCG is a Park Royal bodied AEC Renown built in 1964
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704 - Bedford VAL

New in 1965, CCG 704C, a Bedford VAL twin steer coach, is bodied by Plaxton.
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708 - Leyland Olympic

JAA 708 is a 1950 Leyland Olympic, one of only three known to survive in the UK.
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Victor 2 - Albion Victor

This rare petrol engine Albion is very special indeed. AAA 756 was built in 1935
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Dennis 6 - Dennis 30CWT

'Dennis 6', OU 9286, was new in 1931 and was used to transport troops in Winchester
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849 - Commer Karrier

NKJ 849P is our fleet support unit, often seen in ancillary use at our events

DOR 9C - AMC Rambler Car

Whilst DOR 9C is not a bus, it was in fact the car of the guv'nor's son! She awaits restoration.

RU 8678 – Leyland Lion

Our latest acquisition, new to Hants & Dorset in 1929, now restored to resemble the similar King Alfred OT 8608 and OT 8609.  It is the oldest vehicle in the King Alfred collection

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811 - Leyland Titan

A replica of several vehicles operated by King Alfred in the 1950s.
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