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Winter 2020/21 Report

News from our workshop-

The Bedford CALZ mini bus BHO 543C is now fully restored. A suitable set of seats has been installed and everything completed.  A full repaint into King Alfred coach livery of eau-de-nil and dark green has been carried out.  The vehicle first featured at Heritage Open Days on 14th September 2019 and again at several subsequent events.. 

Image: The front of the Bedford CA

A major job recently was getting the Leyland Atlantean HOR 592E back on the road after losing the nearside upper deck front window, which broke unexpectedly whilst the vehicle was parked. Curved glazing of this size has to be manufactured specially as there is no longer any available from stock.  We were eventually able to find a supplier and the new glass is now installed and the vehicle back in use.

Image: The new glass for the top deck

Despite the effects of lockdown, our programme of maintenance and MoTs continues so that all our usable vehicles remain available to attend events whenever the opportunity arises.

Work is proceeding apace on our long-term project to restore a 'highbridge' Leyland Titan, a very characteristic vehicle of many fleets in the 1940s and 1950s including King Alfred.  It was recently possible to secure the 'cherished' registration HOR 811 for this vehicle, by which it will in future be known.  Much of the bodywork is now complete but many more tasks remain to be done, including constructing a set of seats around the bare seat frames!